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Thursday, November 3, 2016

What Will They Say About You When You Are Gone by Rabbi Daniel Cohen

This is one of the few self-help books, not necessarily religious, that I enjoyed.  The whole concept has to do with building up one’s spiritual ‘PR’ campaign (I define PR as positive reimaging), knowing that at the end of life, people will be sharing about us in our future eulogies.  How do we want ourselves to be remembered by?  Of course we wouldn’t want the sharing to be shallow or superficial, but rather substantial and with basis.  Hopefully, by then, we would have made our impact and will leave this world a better place.

Even if the motivation sounds a little narcissistic, the book actually dealt with the heart of the matter.  Life is what we make it - and if our lives are supposed to make a statement, we need to start defining it now.  The book included some workshops to help navigate the process of reverse engineering our lives, regardless of one’s starting point.
This is a life long process, and at some future point, I may share with you some updates, as comments to this review.  Hopefully it will be comments from other people, and not myself!

I was given a review copy by the publisher through NetGalley.


  1. Thank you very much for your warm and positive review! I appreciate it and God willing, we will al live the lives now for how we want to be remembered. Wishing you all the best! Rabbi Daniel Cohen

  2. Rabbi Cohen - Wow, I did not expect to hear from you yourself! Thank you for writing this book. When my father in law died 2 years back, during the eulogy sharing, part of us were wishing he was there to hear about these thoughts that were being shared which were really encouraging. Your book will help us stay on track to live as we want to be remembered.