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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Great Mountain Bike Shorts by Spotti Basics

These mountain bike shorts are sized correctly, with perhaps a little more bias towards the larger end of the spectrum. I typically wear a large, so I ordered the large version of these shorts. They do fit comfortably and the length is just above the knee. However, the waist garter did not grip too much of my waist, which tells me these shorts are actually in between a L and an XL.

This is made of nylon and the fit is loose. There is an inner mesh lining with a thick pad at the base shaped to sit right on top of a bicycle seat. Once seated on my bike, I can immediately tell the difference as far as the thickness of the cushion and protection.

However, once I get off my bike, I would prefer not to walk long distances in these shorts, since the pad now feels like a face towel sitting at the base of my shorts!

These are good biking shorts for off-road trails. Of course, professional road cyclists will prefer their cycling compression shorts over these - but fortunately, their feedback does not affect me. I only bike to and from my train station, and on the weekends, I like doing bike trails. So I am far from being a pro.

These mountain bike shorts were sent to me for free for review purposes.

Available on Amazon.  Search for Spotti Basics Mens MTB Mountain Bike Shorts with Padded Underliner.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Last Humans: The Complete Trilogy by Dima Zales

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.

This trilogy is written in typical dystopian fashion – sole surviving futuristic city in a devastated earth, communistic society where free will and expression is managed by a totalitarian government, and a rebellion started by the youth, represented by the main character, Theo.

Objectively, the story is very well written and edited, but throughout the reading experience, glimpses of other popular sci-fi and YA books come to mind. I know that in one way or another, plots do cross each other’s paths, but for some reason, I felt it a bit more pronounced with this one, especially in the first part of the book. As soon as more and more layers of the augmented reality that the characters live in are stripped out, the story finally takes its own identity.

The clever addition to this story is Theo’s mental friend, Phoe, who is unveiled to us only through Theo’s thoughts in the beginning, and more throughout the story. I know it’s a writing style, but using a separate character in Phoe, instead of having to narrate the MC’s thoughts, was very creative!

Characters were the strongest aspect of the story. They were authentic, honest and likeable. At the end of the day, for me, this more than made up for whatever was bothering me about the plot and setting.

Overall, a very good read!  Available in Amazon in print and ebook format.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gonex Sports Tritan 1000 ml Water Bottle - Perfect for Bikram Yoga

Yes, finally I have a water bottle that holds one liter of water. That’s about how much I drink during a Bikram session, and during a jog in this Texas summer heat. (I know it’s ironic to do hot yoga during a hot summer, but that’s another story.)

This water bottle is made of cool frosted gray that allows me to see the water remaining in the bottle. it is easy to hold and drink from, and the nylon side strap keeps the bottle secure while chugging down the water, or also while swinging the bottle on my side. The lid is unique. It is a flip top, with a clasp that secures it remaining closed and locked while running. The flip top keeps the bottle leak-proof, and also protects the lip from dust. The twist-off cover itself is air-locked so water does not leak even if the bottle is upside-down or laid horizontally in my gym duffle bag.

It is made of thick plastic, and is easy to wash and keep clean. I believe there is also a brown version, but I am happy with the frosted gray color.

Available in Amazon.  Gonex Sports Tritan 1000 ml Water Bottle.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Matching Kitchen Dish and Hand Towel Set - White and Gray with Star Design

Sold by Little Dutch Star.

Available in Amazon.  

This dish cloth and hand towel combination set is perfectly at home here in Texas. The dishtowel is a large square and the design reminds me of the Texas lone star. The hand towels are dark gray and they are pretty absorbent.

The colors are white and khaki - definitely tropical weather or summer colors.

Overall, a useful set that can be alternated with each other for use either here at home or with my family home across the universe.

A new star is born... and vividly printed on this kitchen towel set!  I love it.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cool office display that provides entertainment

Cube Puzzle: Wooden Puzzle for Adults a Handmade 3D Brain Teaser Soma Cube from SiamMandalay (Toy)

Available in Amazon

This cube puzzle is easy enough to solve within 10 minutes, and handsome enough to display in my office desk. It is great as a conversation starter, or even as an ice breaker. Sometimes too, since there are constant interruptions in the office, it is handy to have so that my guest can stay busy while I shoot away an urgent email or address an urgent request from senior management.

As far as entertainment value, this would fall in line with the snake cube, and magnetic steel balls that form a pyramid or tower. This makes a great gift for secret santa exchanges or as a token of appreciation to a particularly outstanding team member. I can even see this as a small gift to my boss, since it is nice enough, but not too expensive to risk it being frowned upon.

I received a purchase discount on this item for user feedback purposes.