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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cool office display that provides entertainment

Cube Puzzle: Wooden Puzzle for Adults a Handmade 3D Brain Teaser Soma Cube from SiamMandalay (Toy)

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This cube puzzle is easy enough to solve within 10 minutes, and handsome enough to display in my office desk. It is great as a conversation starter, or even as an ice breaker. Sometimes too, since there are constant interruptions in the office, it is handy to have so that my guest can stay busy while I shoot away an urgent email or address an urgent request from senior management.

As far as entertainment value, this would fall in line with the snake cube, and magnetic steel balls that form a pyramid or tower. This makes a great gift for secret santa exchanges or as a token of appreciation to a particularly outstanding team member. I can even see this as a small gift to my boss, since it is nice enough, but not too expensive to risk it being frowned upon.

I received a purchase discount on this item for user feedback purposes.

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