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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Great Mountain Bike Shorts by Spotti Basics

These mountain bike shorts are sized correctly, with perhaps a little more bias towards the larger end of the spectrum. I typically wear a large, so I ordered the large version of these shorts. They do fit comfortably and the length is just above the knee. However, the waist garter did not grip too much of my waist, which tells me these shorts are actually in between a L and an XL.

This is made of nylon and the fit is loose. There is an inner mesh lining with a thick pad at the base shaped to sit right on top of a bicycle seat. Once seated on my bike, I can immediately tell the difference as far as the thickness of the cushion and protection.

However, once I get off my bike, I would prefer not to walk long distances in these shorts, since the pad now feels like a face towel sitting at the base of my shorts!

These are good biking shorts for off-road trails. Of course, professional road cyclists will prefer their cycling compression shorts over these - but fortunately, their feedback does not affect me. I only bike to and from my train station, and on the weekends, I like doing bike trails. So I am far from being a pro.

These mountain bike shorts were sent to me for free for review purposes.

Available on Amazon.  Search for Spotti Basics Mens MTB Mountain Bike Shorts with Padded Underliner.

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