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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gonex Sports Tritan 1000 ml Water Bottle - Perfect for Bikram Yoga

Yes, finally I have a water bottle that holds one liter of water. That’s about how much I drink during a Bikram session, and during a jog in this Texas summer heat. (I know it’s ironic to do hot yoga during a hot summer, but that’s another story.)

This water bottle is made of cool frosted gray that allows me to see the water remaining in the bottle. it is easy to hold and drink from, and the nylon side strap keeps the bottle secure while chugging down the water, or also while swinging the bottle on my side. The lid is unique. It is a flip top, with a clasp that secures it remaining closed and locked while running. The flip top keeps the bottle leak-proof, and also protects the lip from dust. The twist-off cover itself is air-locked so water does not leak even if the bottle is upside-down or laid horizontally in my gym duffle bag.

It is made of thick plastic, and is easy to wash and keep clean. I believe there is also a brown version, but I am happy with the frosted gray color.

Available in Amazon.  Gonex Sports Tritan 1000 ml Water Bottle.

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