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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Healing Room - If it seems too good to be true, it probably is

The concept of the healing room is premised on the opportunity to be able to hear messages from dearly departed ones through a portal located in the corporate office of a non-profit organization. And that is where the skeptics come in.  Non-profit?  For such an elaborate and other-worldly experience? Well how is this entire “service” financed?

I loved this story, and I am impressed by the storyteller.  The entire book is written from the perspective of two young adults – one non-conforming seventeen year old girl and one Latino college graduate.  The tone is realistic, and the mortal imperfections of the main characters are not swept underneath the rug.  The build-up was gradual and smooth, and the climax held my attention.  The only criticism I have is that the later uncovered antagonists didn’t seem as sharp as they were portrayed to be in the earlier part of the book.  Nonetheless, I got my fix of good vs. evil, and the victory of the unlikely heroes.

There are a few shockers dropped here and there, so I do have to mention that this book is for older teens, and of course the rest of us adults.

I received a review copy and I savored every reading moment I had with this book.  Recommended.

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