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Thursday, June 9, 2016

A simple laptop messenger bag for the office

Are you like me - mid-management level - laid back but prefer to dress business casual in the office?  I found a good middle ground for a laptop bag and would like to share it with you.

The Augur Retro Laptop Messenger Bag.

My observations:  This bag fits my 13”x9”x1” office laptop perfectly, with room for another 1-1.5” of paperwork or other electronic devices.  It is made of thick canvas with a high quality leather overlap and a solid leather handle bolted on to a stiff and sturdy canvas-covered board, making the overlap fall neatly over the body, while maintaining the rectangular-shaped top.  The bottom is just canvas, but the stitching and the way that the shape is made, the laptop does not move around, nor cause the bag to sag in the middle.  The buckles and bolts are antiqued bronze, and they are attached to several leather accents.  The zippers are also antiqued bronze metal, and the zipper pulls are leather loops.  The shoulder strap is cotton-webbing, with a middle strip of canvas (same color as the body) sewn onto the middle of the strap to add to the design flair.

The bag’s dimensions are approximately 16”x11”x3”.

My impressions:  This laptop messenger bag is a smart business accessory.  It is very well-made, and the quality is outstanding.  The leather itself is the focal point and draws a lot of compliments.  This is perfect for my spring and summer business clothes and jackets.  The contrast of the grey with the dark brown leather is very tasteful in a Hampton’s kind of way.

Moving on to pockets and organization:  The most useful pocket is outside and has a 12” zipper.  This is where I store my office ID, train pass, car keys and cellphone.  There is a zippered divider inside.  This is convenient for a tablet in case it is not in a protective case.  Note that this sleeve will not fit an iPad pro.  There is another small zippered pocket on the back inner lining, and that is perfect for coins or any small pieces of loose jewelry.  

On the other inner side (the front side), there are open sleeves for a calculator, business cards, a phone (in case you don’t want it outside) and 2 pens.

Overall, this laptop messenger bag is a great, solid piece of handicraft.  I appreciate the fact that it is more formal than the usual canvas or nylon messenger bags, and yet not as stiff and traditional as the full leather laptop briefcases.  I also really like the fact that it holds its shape really well.  This, along with the high quality of leather used, is what makes this bag ‘smart business’ and not just casual or rugged.

Where to buy - Amazon will have it.  Check out Augur bags.

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