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Friday, June 10, 2016

A weekend messenger bag - Let's go old school!

This is a useful messenger bag which I wear to church and other weekend activities. See short video to see how I utilize this bag.

Pros: It looks like an army messenger bag, so it has a vintage vibe. Shoulder strap is sturdy and comfortable. I wear this as a messenger bag but if I travel to my crowded hometown in SE Asia, I will probably wear this as a chest bag. It has several useful pockets - 3 outside and 2 inside. It is sized correctly and can fit my usual church stuff - Bible, Kindle and journal.

Cons: Personally, I don't really like it when people give compliments, but the vintage look draws attention and comments so I have to at least say "thanks". Also, I don't know how to wash this bag should it get dirty. Maybe I just won't wash it. Price-wise, it is up there with leather/canvas backpacks - so it isn't cheap. It is something that one will have to save up for.

The Kaukko New Design Stylish Messenger Bag for Men

Where to buy - Amazon will have it.  Check out Kaukko bags.

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