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Saturday, June 11, 2016 - Legal documentary drama similar to an episode of 20-20 by Kenneth Eade (5 out of 5 stars)

This book had the overall feel of a 20-20 episode, coupled with a real-time stream of the legal proceedings.

In a capsule, the story revolves around the defamation of Brent Marks via public internet forums, and the subsequent complication of him having a high profile client that angered the same set of cyber-stalkers. A series of murders, including the client and a number of the cyber-stalkers, take place, and behind it all is an unseen paid killer that strategically framed Marks as the culprit. Marks is caught in a bind, since all motive and circumstantial evidence point toward him. Hence, the 20-20 journalism style of unraveling the facts of the case, and the drama of proving the presence of reasonable doubt in order to acquit Marks.

The conclusion is more of a statement about the harsh reality of internet crime and harassment, rather than a “happily ever after” end. This is the reality show aspect of the entire story.

This is an unusual legal thriller that made me think and reflect on these realities. Hmmmmm – this isn’t pure entertainment, but an expose veiled as entertainment.

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