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Friday, October 21, 2016

Amazing new sci-fi book by Darren Beyer - Casimir Bridge

I received a review copy of this collectible from the author. 

Here’s an attempt at a layman’s synopsis – Advanced technology has allowed modern-day scientists and technology experts to set up bases in other galaxies and moons.  New societies have been built and are now under the leadership of an expanded government.  The discovery of new natural resources in certain planets has advanced the science of quantum physics – allowing the use and control of wormholes and this book’s namesake.  These technological advancements are limitless in potential but at the same time, vulnerable to political greed and corruption.  Only a few good people are able to stand by convictions grounded on humanity.  The story revolves around this small group of people.

This is absolutely the best science fiction story I have read this year!  Many things were set into motion right from the start to make this an incredible piece of fiction:  (1) the author’s strong work background with NASA as a space shuttle engineer brought a lot of credibility to the plausibility of the technology and the setting of the story; (2) the heavily political intelligence war of the top two tech firms in this inter-galactic world was impressive in its complexity and layers of counter-attacks – it was like watching a superpower game of chess; and (3) the small cast of characters were sharp as knives, tough as nails, and yet honest and real all at the same time.

The interplay between a futuristic, advanced universal society and authentic, cultural and historical events impressed me as well.  The story builds up quite nicely – starting with a heavily scientific narrative, moving on to heartfelt character introduction and development, with the last third of the book dedicated to non-stop action and plot twists.  Honestly, a story as tight as this does not come along often.  This is an amazing book and I agree with one earlier comment – I have a new favorite contemporary sci-fi author.  I am looking forward to more of Beyer’s works, including the sequel to this book.

Available in Amazon.

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