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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Undivided by Neal Shusterman - Superb Conclusion to a Great Series

Brief synopsis - Society has found a way to deal with young adult rebellion, and this is through the option to 'unwind' - where a rebel is sliced and diced into his/her various organs and parts, to be transplanted or grafted into more "worthy" members of society. As with every socio/political movement that is backed by businesses, the ones who profit the most from the unwinding movement are using various shell human rights organizations and the media to advocate the expansion of unwinding. While the benefits seem apparent on the surface, the corruption is eventually exposed through the combined efforts of the story's main cast of characters. The end goal is to re-establish family and society embracing humanity (faults and all) and the right to live. Overarching theme is love and acceptance vs. fear and control.

Shusterman is a wonderful storyteller. Unlike most serials where the last installment verges on the brink of cramming too much at the last minute in order to arrive at a passable ending by the author's deadline (think The Maze Runner conclusion, Divergent conclusion, Hunger Games conclusion, Wool conclusion), Shusterman's did not compromise on maintaining an appropriate pace (not rushed at all) and his commitment to character development is impressive. The plot of the entire series is great in and of itself, but man, in reading this last installment to the series, I cannot help but have such a great respect for all the characters - specifically Lev, Cam, Connor, Risa, Hayden, Sonia and even those recently introduced Argent and Grace. It is very rare too, that the ending leaves a ray of hope, but still cautioned by the harshness of reality - i.e., the tough road of forgiveness and rebuilding trust and unity. This series is wonderful and one that I am endorsing wholeheartedly!

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