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Monday, October 17, 2016

An Invisible Client by Victor Methos - Inspiring!

My review for this author's first legal thriller, The Neon Lawyer, was short and succint - "This is not literary fiction. But the story it tells is very inspiring. I turned the last page with a smile on my face. Yeah, that was a pleasant read. And I recommend it to those looking to add a little positivity and optimism to their day!"

Honestly, this is how I feel about An Invisible Client as well. I loved it. Reading a Victor Methos book is like watching a movie on the Lifetime Channel. It is so moving and real, and almost impossible. Overall, the theme is hopeful, and everyone needs hope for us to be able to take the next step in life, regardless of current conditions. I wonder if the author is as good a criminal defense lawyer as he writes? If he is, consider me a client, Atty. Methos, should I ever find myself in need of one.

The book is about a small criminal law firm taking up the case of a young boy's death due to pharmaceutical poisoning. Automatically, you can picture a David vs. Goliath scenario, with righteous indignation as the only motivating factor. In a typical risk assessment done by big corporations, some complainants are considered invisible, since the weight of a product or legal complaint is measured against a person's net worth. Defense attorneys know this, and rarely take up cases like this since it isn't a practical and wise financial decision. The drama unfolds when the case becomes a matter of fighting for what is right, regardless of the odds, at the risk of losing everything, including other people and their families (e.g., the small firm's employees). The book takes on a dramatic arc, and the narrative tugs strongly at one's heart. I cannot count the number of times that I felt my heart squeezed to the core. The young boy and the lawyer are both outstanding lead characters that I found myself connecting to.

This is a highly recommended read. You are guaranteed to feel better after reading. Enjoy the experience and hopefully you can share your thoughts with me as well.

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