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Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Red Winter (5th Book of The Tapestry Series) - 5 Stars!

My 10 yo gives this book and the entire series - 5 stars! I am giving this last installment 5 stars as well!

The plot is amazing, the worlds vivid, the action engaging and the characters endearing. I do feel like the quality of the writing has grown exponentially from Book I through V. My initial concern (way back in Book I) about character development was addressed, and for some reason, The Red Winter is less difficult to read and visualize compared to The Maelstrom, so I was able to finish this faster. Or it could have been that I am now more familiar with the setting and characters. What makes The Red Winter stand out is the way each character is given their own respective story arcs. It would have helped if some of these stories were sprinkled throughout the series, especially in Books I-II, where it was hard to be emotionally connected with the characters. I am not sure if the entire series plot was already drawn at the time The Hound of Rowan was written - if not, it makes sense that maybe as the author allowed the story to take its course, the need to tie everything together in this last book was apparent, hence we got soooo much depth and detail in this installment. The Red Winter rocks!!! Even if you don't read the entire series, and just choose to read this installment, you won't regret it.

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